Learn more about how the TechHOUNDS spread the word about FIRST and exemplifies the
values of STEM. View our calendar below to see upcoming outreach events, or scroll further down and
hover over the pictures to learn about our individual events.


WTW, or Women In Technology, is a workshop that our team hosts for girls going into middle school. This workshop raises awareness about STEM and encourages women to enter the field of STEM.


As the name suggests, this camp hosted by TechHOUNDS promotes STEM through several fun activities. This includes crtical thinking games and practical experience to spread the word of STEM.


TechFEST is one of our most visited workshops. We spread awareness about FIRST and STEM, all while teaching the kids and having fun. This workshop encourages everyone of all ages to explore STEM.

Chairs Of A Different Color

TechHOUNDS hosts the Chairs of A Different Color event every year to spread awareness about FIRST. Kids and adults alike come and enjoy themselves, while they choose the best chair!