Learn more about TechHOUNDS and what we stand for.

Our Goal

The TechHOUNDS strive to provide an innovative, team-based experience that fosters appreciation and love of STEM through robotics, outreach, and strong team-community relationships, all while developing the technical and communication skills vital in the modern world.


Within TechHOUNDS, there are 6 divisions to split up the work. Each of these divisions play their own special part
to make the team work like a well-oiled machine.

Robot Ops

Robot Ops is the primary mechanical division of the team. The division is responsible for brainstorming, prototyping, CADing, and developing the final robots used during each competition season


Programming and Electrical brings the robot to life by writing the code and building the electrical systems that allow it to operate. This interdisciplinary division allows students to learn about both hardware and software.


Construction is responsible for building a complete game field each year and the "pit" for robot storage and repair, in addition to supporting mechanical outreach building programs.

Information Technology

IT is responsible for designing and creating the TechHOUNDS website every year, in addition to developing novel scouting and analysis software for match strategy, which is available to all FIRST teams.

Public Relations

PR is responsible for designing and producing our newsletters, t-shirts, locker signs and maintaining sponsor communications thus presenting a professional image to our school and community.

2018 - Power Up

Worlds Championship (Detroit) - 5th Place

Archimedes Division - Championship Subdivision Winner

Plainfield District Event - District Event Winner

Plainfield District Event - Engineering Inspiration Award Winner

Tippecanoe District Event - Event Award Winner

Indiana State Championship - Creativity Award Winner

Indiana State Championship - Event Winner

Deans List Semifinalist

Indy RAGE - Event Winner

CAGE Match - Event Winner

Boiler Bot Battle - Finalist

Indiana Robotics Invitational - Finalist