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About TechHOUNDS

The TechHOUNDS strive to provide an innovative, cooperative experience that encourages development of STEM skills through robotics, outreach, and strong relationships with the community. Those on the TechHOUNDS robotics team will develop the technical and communication skills essential in today's world.

Within TechHOUNDS, there are 4 divisions to split up the work. Each of these divisions play their own special part to make the team work like a well-oiled machine.


Robot Ops

“Robot Ops is the primary mechanical division of the team. The division is responsible for brainstorming, prototyping, CADing, and developing the final robots used during each competition season.”



“Programming and Electrical brings the robot to life by writing the code and building the electrical systems that allow it to operate. This division allows students to integrate the software. They also create the team website and develop analysis software for match strategy.”



“PR is responsible for creating our newsletters and merchandise every year. They also keep up sponsor communications.”



“Construction is responsible for building a complete field specific to each year's game, and the "pit" for robot storage and repair, in addition to supporting mechanical outreach building programs.”

Chairs of A Different Color

TechHOUNDS hosts the Chairs of A Different Color event every year to spread awareness about FIRST. Kids and adults alike come and enjoy themselves, while they choose the best chair!


TechFEST is one of our most visited workshops. We spread awareness about FIRST and STEM, all while teaching the kids and having fun. This workshop encourages everyone of all ages to explore STEM.


WTW, or Women In Technology, is a workshop that our team hosts for girls going into middle school. This workshop raises awareness about STEM and encourages women to enter the field of STEM.

CUMC Stem Camp

As the name suggests, this camp hosted by TechHOUNDS promotes STEM through several fun activities. This includes crtical thinking games and practical experience to spread the word of STEM.