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In 2007, TechHOUNDS launched FIRSTEP, a novel technology and engineering summer camp designed for first through eighth grade students. Through this program, over 2000 students have been encouraged to pursue STEM education and/or FIRST Robotics in high school. Specifically, FIRSTEP features hands-on workshops in everything from racing CO2 cars, building rockets, video game design, and the famed "Junkyard Wars". In 2014, former TechHOUNDS head coach George Giltner relocated the camp to Speedway, IN, with TechHOUNDS students still serving as key student mentors.

FIRSTEP has changed the lives of both participants and student mentors; several of our teams members and teams leaders participated in FIRSTEP, sparking a new passion for engineering and encouraging them to take part on the TechHOUNDS Robotics Team and other STEM education opportunities. Through our continued support of FIRSTEP, TechHOUNDS hopes to inspire our community of young, passionate student leaders to invent a brighter future.