TechHOUNDS places heavy emphasis on supporting all robotics teams in the surrounding area. Thus, we have formed and worked with a variety of local FRC, FLL, Jr. FLL, and VEX organizations to educate and inspire generations of innovators.

Just as FIRST has enabled TechHOUNDS to transform the Carmel community, we have taken the responsibility to expand this empowerment. In 2014, we founded FRC Team 5010, Tiger Dynasty, providing them with sponsorship connections and many of our key mentors to jumpstart their program and ensure its success. In addition, TechHOUNDS hosted several electrical/programming workshops in conjunction with the 2014 Kickoff to ensure that 5010's students and leaders were prepared to make a competition-ready robot.

In addition, TechHOUNDS supports 4 FLL teams, supplying mentors and guidance for passionate young students. This complements weekly mentoring for the VEX team at our nearby Carmel Middle School, supporting them throughout their competition season.