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Robot Ops

Robot Ops is responsible for brainstorming, prototyping, CADing, and developing the final robots used during each competition season.


IT is responsible for designing and creating the TechHOUNDS website every year, in addition to developing novel scouting and strategy software available to all FIRST teams.


Construction is responsible for building a complete game field each year and the "pit" for robot storage and repair during competition, in addition to supporting mechanical outreach building programs.


Electrical is responsible for all the sensors, control panels, and additional electrical components that power all TechHOUNDS robots and prototypes.


Programming is responsible for coding the robot and all associated components, bringing our mechanical creations to life. They also partner with local organizations to digitize community resources.


PR is responsible for all communications, designing and producing all TechHOUNDS newsletters, t-shirts, locker signs, thus presenting a professional image to our school and community.


If you would like more information about our team, are interested in sponsoring us, or want to contact us for any other reason, please feel free to direct your inquiries to the following people:


Division Leads:

Website Team:

Feel free to contact the website team about any questions, issues, or concerns you may have about the website!


  • John Coghlan
  • Sid Swartzendruber
  • Laura Erli
  • Zachary Jones
  • David Smith
  • Domingo David
  • Larry Hutson
  • Bill Chattin
  • John Chivington
  • Carlo Nepomuceno
  • Paul Blankenbaker
  • Michael Swiezy
  • Scott Thompson
  • Akash Shankar
  • Alexander Ryker
  • Charles Nepomuceno
  • Karl Nepomuceno
  • Vincent Mai
  • Evan Foote
  • Beverly Saddler
  • John Waidner
  • Cole Alexis
  • Paul Coraggio
  • Brian Cunningham
  • Barry Cyr
  • Mack Earnhardt
  • Donna Gray
  • Steve Konkoly
  • Anthony LaMear
  • Raj Maturi
  • Richard Andy Porter
  • Kevin Robb
  • Chris Rudd
  • Rob Schultz
  • Robert Shelton
  • Jim Simpson
  • Stacey Simpson
  • Mark Singer