Helping Hounds

The HelpingHOUNDS Resource Library is intended to provide FRC teams with the knowledge and capabilities to effectively found and sustain their team. Over the course of our 15-year history, TechHOUNDS has independently created hundreds of documents that detail the daily processes of managing and educating students each year. We hope that your team will be able to utilize these documents to your advantage. The resources include:

  1. Detailed outlines of the sponsorship process, comprehensive sponsorship guide books, sample thank you letters, and more.
  2. Through this system and associated documents, TechHOUNDS has obtained over 70 sponsors in the 2016 season alone.
  3. Sample Team Handbook and Business Plan. These documents provide a certain structure and comfort for all teams, and encourage
  4. greater record-keeping and sustainability during leadership changes.
  5. Educational presentations for a variety of robotics-associated topics, including mechanical equipment, jQuery, and HTML.

Please feel free to access the documents here.