Build It With TechHOUNDS

Build It With TechHOUNDS is a novel program intended to foster community investment in education and development of high-quality, low-cost mechanical or robotic products.

Program Structure:

  1. A client develops a need for a mechanical or robotic product (i.e., podium, scoreboard, wooden chair, keypad, large-keyed piano, etc.) that addresses a specific community need.
  2. The client submits a 5-minute online application through Preference is given to nonprofit or service organizations based in central Indiana.
  3. The Carmel High School TechHOUNDS robotics team sets up consultation with the client to discuss the project in detail, including feasibility, materials, cost, and time.
  4. TechHOUNDS will notify the client if the project is selected for production. If so, the client will be given a bill of materials with the estimated cost of these materials. Clients are responsible for paying ONLY the material costs - labor costs will not be charged.
  5. TechHOUNDS members and adult mentors/teachers gain an educational experience by developing the project in the Carmel High School manufacturing and engineering labs. This includes continual communication with the client, such as progress updates and client feedback.

This program provides huge benefits to our local community, including:

  1. Allowing governments, non-profits, and charitable organizations to obtain high quality, low-cost mechanical and robotic products.
  2. Providing high school students on the TechHOUNDS robotics team with experience in working with real-world clientele.
  3. Providing TechHOUNDS robotics with an educational experience in developing mechanical and robotic products.

Interested in participating in Build It With TechHOUNDS? Submit a request here.